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Our bedding and clothing products contain an elevated life force, here's what our customers say:

“I just wanted to say I absolutely love the Lifestyle Organics range! I've been wearing the range for sometime now, I love the way it feels and how versatile the entire collection is. I have recently tried the new bikini briefs and they are just as fantastic! I will definitely be telling all my friends about the range!“ - Christine Qld
“Thanks also for the bedding. As usual, I'm thrilled with the look and quality. I bought it for my 3 year old, and it feels so wonderful to know she's sleeping comfortably and healthily. I know it will last beautifully to be passed to her sister when she's ready to use it too.“ - Alison
“I have received the topper and it is amazing! Thank you very much and all the best with your wonderful online store. I know that people are slowly realising how important it is to look after our earth and that natural bedding, clothes and cleaning products are a small but important step in the whole process. Cheers.“ - Jane WA
“Your sheets arrived yesterday and they are Gorgeous! I'm so pleased that I don't have to deal with any smells from the packaging and handling, the postage was unbelievably reasonable and the quality is superb.“ - Lynne
“A note of appreciation for excellent personal service and a beautiful product. I'm sleeping comfortably on my new mattress, protector and sheets. They arrived quickly and I was so impressed that even the mattress packaging was environmentally conscious while protective and reusable. The materials are beautiful and I believe I have made a good choice for my tropical location.“ - Simone
“Just wanted to thank you for the lovely woollen topper which I've been sleeping on for a couple of weeks now. It's so comfortable and warm, I definitely have a much better night's sleep. And the smell of the new bedding is so nice!“ - Jacqueline
“I just wanted to give you some positive feedback.
I placed my order Monday on a public holiday and was so surprised to get it yesterday so basically one working day turn around. What excellent service!!
I love the items I ordered too. It's hard to find organic products especially baby clothes and yours are so cheap.
I look forward to putting the dress on my daughter. She is one this Saturday and I wanted something nice for her to wear :)
Thanks again!!!“ - Rachel

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At Blessed Earth we ensure that our growers are well rewarded for their amazing efforts. The Fairtrade Certification Mark is your independent guarantee that the cotton in this product has been certified in accordance with international Fairtrade standards.
Blessed Earth's wool products bear the unique Woolmark worldwide quality endorsement. This logo signifies that our products meet the strict wool quality and performance criteria based on the exacting demands of today's customer.
Blessed Earth has been certified as qualified to display the prestigious Demeter trademark. Our manufacturing and retail facilities are routinely inspected by the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute of Australia.